GSYBAD Awards : Black History Month Recap

the revolution of the mind continues….

MadMan history month has come to a close… and just in time because it appears some folks have lost their damn minds.

Join the MadMen tonight as we put cases on folks and determine this week’s winner of the GSYBAD award.


Tonight @ 10pm

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Sign of the Times : The Curious Death of Prince Rogers Nelson

tomorrow is promised to no man, but Prince’s death has us confused. Beyond the question of how… Is the more immediate question of why?

Bad health? Nope… The man ate organic everything. Drugs? Nope … The man was a devout Jehovah’s Witness. Just got the right to own his masters worth billions?…. Hmmmm

It’s worth a conversation and at least a royal tribute on air to the man that is responsible for half of the world pregnancies since the 80’s.

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PLANET ROCKED! The Curious Case of Africa Bamaataa

the revolution of the mind continues….

First the fat boys break up and now this…

On Thursday, the Hip Hop world was thrown into a complete state of WTF!?! As the soul of Hip Hop, Afrika Bamaataa of the Zulu Nation, was “Cosby’d”. A prominent politician has accused the hip hop icon of sexually molesting him as a teen. 

This has HUGE implications….as the pioneer is known for working with young males in the Black community. So the MadMen will convene to lay out the facts for the public and determine who to put a case on.

Is one of the heroes of Hip Hop being wrongfully accused, or can we expect more men to come forward and blow the roof off the house?

Tuesday @ 10pm

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Rise of the Hotep : The Case of the Miseducated YouTube Scholar

the revolution of the mind continues…

tonight at 10pm

The meaning of the word “Hotep” has been bastardized. The combination of “you tube” and mis-educated people with video cameras has lead to an epidemic of Black males flooding our energy space with pure stupidity in the name of “Black consciousness”

Tonight we take a look at the origin or rather the true etymology of the word “Hotep” and what we can do to help re-educate everyone about “living the life in Maat”.
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Game of Thrones : Winter Is Coming To The White House

the revolution of the mind continues….

The white walkers are coming. The night watchmen are in jail and our “hero” left last season (he is chillin in Cuba). This isn’t a TV show, but the state of the Union.

Join the MadMen tonight as we debate the fate of our nation and who we believe will ultimately sit on the Apex of power… The real Iron Throne… The Oval.

Tuesday @ 10pm