Snitches Get Stitches – The Curious Case of Bradley Manning

the revolution of the mind continues…

There are some events that happen in American history that are beyond color, race and class. When your government condones the killing of innocents without impunity and you have the proof… do you blow the whistle? Do you keep silent? Do you TELL EM WHY YOU MAD SON?

Bradley Manning testified in front of the military court to explain what he saw and why he blew the whistle. The military did NOT want his speech released.. but it was “leaked” to us so we could hear the full story and decide for ourselves.

Join us Tuesday as we listen to the audio, read the transcript and decide : Patriot or Traitor? When should snitches get stitches?? Does being in the military mean blind obedience?

We will also bring you the top newsmakers of the week and put cases on their asses too…

the revolution of the mind don’t stop baby….



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