Accidental Racist? The Curious Case of Paula Deen

the revolution of the mind continues… 

A Food Network staple since 2002, Paula Deen’s empire, built on what Black folks call “Soul Food”, has been dismantled following the revelation that she loves to belittle those of other races .. especially Blacks.

Fantasizing of going back to ante-bellum days, Paula orgasmed over the thought of having “slaves” serve at a dinner party… and this is not a one-time deal. Employees have come forward to let the public know that their food goddess don’t give a sh*t about Black people.

But… is she an accidental racist?? A product of the environment she grew up in? Why are so many giving her a pass (especially Black people).

Won’t be home? no problem. Text “WYMS” to 69302 and get the listen in number sent right to your phone.

the revolution of the mind continues…


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One thought on “Accidental Racist? The Curious Case of Paula Deen”

  1. I’m mad because we still have Black people, especially males who believe white females are not as racist as white males.

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