Black Sex Stereotypes: Why We Can’t Love Each Other

the revolution of the mind continues…

So it’s time for the MadMen to have the discussion … Time to talk the “birds and the bees” … But not the way your schools discussed it, but the way your parents should have.

We see SO many Black men and women bashing the hell put of each other in social media, in international media and in mainstream media … So much so that we are the only race targeted for our single mothers, deadbeat dad and child support issues , when other races face the same problem in greater numbers.

Why do we allow this? Is it because we weren’t taught that what has been said about us just simply isn’t true? If we are taught to hate ourselves on the most basic level, how could we possibly love someone that looks like us…? And if we manage to overcome that hurdle… What superficial stereotypes prevent the love from blossoming?

How many sisters got passed over because it’s a “fact” that “sisters don’t give head”, how many brothers were ridiculed because they weren’t packing “nine inches” and therefore not worth the time of day?

The mental issues are deep in our people.. But lets begin diggin in with this topic and see where it goes.

The revolution of the mind continues… Join us.

Won’t be home? no problem. Text “WYMS” to 69302 and get the listen in number sent right to your phone.



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