CELIE’S REVENGE – WYMS Radio Promotional Short Film – “The Color Purple” Re-Imagined

From the mind of the MadMan, “The Color Purple” re-imagined.

What would have happened if Celie left MR. to join the revolution of the mind?

This first short film from Damn My Baby Smart Films (a subsidiary of Why You Mad Son Entertainment) seeks to use a familiar medium to introduce a new way of addressing social ills.

A new way to bring about a revolution of the mind.

Concept: Charlette Capers

Directed by : Charlette Capers

Written by : Seti

The premiere of Celie’s revenge was held at a private screening at the AMC Theater Times Square.  Watch the cast talk about their roles below


From the minds of the MadMen.

The infamous “table scene” from the movie “The Color Purple” re-imagined.

We ask, what if Celie was leaving Mr. to join the revolution of the mind?

Yea…we goin in like that.

Click the pic below to find out how you can join us for the private screening & after party in NYC.

Breakdown of Society : the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

the revolution of the mind continues…

The entire nation has been rocked to the core by what has occurred on the east coast this past week…and we are not talking about the storm itself..but the aftermath.

shows you just how easy it is for all of us to descend into chaos over invented necessities.

Let’s talk about it.

We will also have election coverage and news…

Won’t be home? no problem. Text “WYMS” to 69302 and get the “listen in” number sent directly to your phone.

Click the pic to listen to the live broadcast.

Separate but NOT Equal : Public Schools & the Mis-Education of Troy & Akeem

the revolution of the mind continues…

…and we will bring it to you from the mouths of the youth themselves..

Troy Ennis and Akeem Pearce, 2 revolutionary minded young men who organized a walk-out at their school to protest the sub-par education they were receiving at the hands of the board of education will join the MadMen Tuesday night to put a case on the whole system of public education.

Is it the fault of the educators? the standardized testing? or the corrupt board of education?