The Truth Behind The Attacks On Bill Cosby

One of the first things I tell people who are new to the “revolution of the mind” is to understand we are at war.  To un-learn everything that has been taught.

Especially if it comes from mass media.

Being a passive/aggressive historian, I have done quite a bit of research concerning how dictatorships are formed. Naomi Wolfe got it right. It always follows ten basics steps.

The 8th being “Target Key Individuals”. This is done by dismantling the persons legacy, their immediate source of income and discrediting them to their followers.

Why Bill Cosby you ask? Watch the video and make that determination for yourself.

For more info on 10 easy ways to a dictatorship … Start with Naomi Wolfe’s book… Then do your own research.


White Man Risks It All To Save Black Man From The Police!!!


i thought I would never – in the history of never- see anything like this in my lifetime.

White folks taking “l’s” for brothers???

Did you see the dive he took onto the arresting officer?? Clearly, not nary a f*ck was given about his own freedom or anything else.

Mai salute this MadMan – if anyone knows where he is let us know. He has a care package coming from us …

What would happen if we jumped in for each other more often? Just a thought…


The REAL Reason Martin Luther King Was Assassinated

In this clip we see the direction Martin was taking the Black consciousness.  This was his new platform after he realized he had integrated his people into a “burning house”.  The focus for the civil rights movement going forward was to focus on economics and the DEMAND that Black people be afforded the same economic opportunities as everyone else… f*ck a seat on a bus.

Not long after giving this speech and making known his intentions to create a movement towards Black empowerment and political empowerment through wealth, he was murdered and effectively silenced.