The Tell Tale Heart : The Curious Case of Anthony Stokes

the revolution of the mind continues….

It is a rare case that the MadMen are wrong… But when we are…. we sit down and admit our mistake. Such is the position we find ourselves in with the curious case of Anthony Stokes.

The entire nation championed for this young man, who was denied a heart transplant by an Atlanta hospital due to his history of “non-compliance” (aka n*gga shenanigans). The story became national news as the “Negro mafia” (including us) took to protesting en masse- calling it racism. 

And now, in light of the outcome, we call ourselves out. Where we wrong? Was it really racism?

Tune in Tuesday and find out what happened to Anthony Stokes and if sometimes… A spade is a spade.

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Black Lives Matter Sometimes : The Curious Case of Granny Get Your Gun

the revolution of the mind continues…

Black lives matter.. All lives In fact.

What incidents determine when a person’s life should be taken from them? What is the barometer?

Another unarmed man (Black) was shot in the back 8 times as he fled from being arrested for child support. Another young man shot 18 times in the back for slashing tires. Yet another unarmed citizen was told “F*ck Yo Breath” by the police after he was shot for running away from officers.

We are now apparently entering into the “granny get yo gun” phase of justice. If you are Black, you better not run, stand still, reach for anything or breathe… it’s hunting season and a #BlackLifeMatters only when there is corporate backing.

But are there any instances where taking someone’s life is completely justified? (i.e. theft, home invasion..)

Join us and hear the debate.

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Surrender or Die : Does Resistance Equate to Justified Brutality?

the revolution of the mind continues…

There is a school of thought that follows the argument that if people did not resist arrest, the levels of brutality and deaths we see (like that of Eric Garner) would not happen.

The MadMen debate this argument this week. Is resistance really the true justification for the brutality metered out in the Black populace? Is blind surrender the only option we as Americans have – even when our very freedom is at stake?

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Beggin For Dumb Shyt : The Curious Case of GoFundMe

The revolution of the mind continues….

We have seen people use the popular site “Go Fund Me” for amazing causes… But recently we have seen a proliferation of “causes” that someone may need to Cath a case for…

Most recently Azel Ball who raised funds to “save his relationship”. The MadMan debate is this a good way for humans to share the love and support each other through hard personal times or does Azel need to go sit his Black ass down somewhere?

Join us as we dissect the story and make a determination.

Tuesday. 10pm

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Goodbye Uncle Tom : The Slut Shaming of Al Sharpton

the revolution of the mind continues…

This week we learned of Bryon Allen’s 20 Billion dollar lawsuit against Al Sharpton, Comcast and Time Warner Cable for racial discrimination against Black Owned media companies.

Byron went in Madman style -and slut shamed Sharpton – but is his beef with Sharpton fair? Is Sharpton the “least expensive negro” and a “pawn” or is he just playing according to the rules of corporate America, while getting his paper and keeping the dialogue about race open?

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BEST OF THE MADMEN : Queen vs Hoodrat. The Deconstruction of Females in HipHop

The revolution of the mind continues…

Recently the MadMan was in the house to Pay tribute to one of Hip Hop’s legends, Ralph McDaniels. The concert was also full of legends – EPMD, Das EFX, RedMan, Keith Murray & Lords of the Underground.

Noticeably absent were the legendary queens… But hey … Maybe they were busy. But what really struck me is that, aside from a Few years – these dudes looked the same. Dressed the same as they did back then, and held to the principles of the true school.

I also realized that if a new female artist were to come onstage, half of her vagina and all her breasts would be hanging out…. Which in its time and place would be cool…. But hip hop is supposed to be about the lyrics and the beats.

I felt it only right to dig into the crates and bring back a classic discussion we had with the queens of Hip Hop.

Featured on this episode:

Yo-Yo, Sha Rock, Simone Green, Lil Nat, Sheri Sher and Nikki D. 


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