Going to the Greek : The Curious Case of Black Greeks Against Black Issues

the revolution of the mind continues….

Once touted as an organization for the advancement of Black people – the Black Greeks have all but disappeared from the forefront of civil rights efforts.

In recent weeks, some have even gone as far as to tell their members not to wear their letters when they march against police brutality to save Black lives and Black men. They do not want their organization connected to the fight for Black lives.

So of course you know this MadMan has to drag them across the coals. Wtf is a Black Greek anyway??? An oxy-moron that represents the worst kind of brainwashing … But I digress. I could be wrong. Let’s debate it.

I would love to be proved wrong on this one. If you are a Greek and want in on our panel, inbox us at tellus@whyyoumadson.com and we will get you a spot.

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Myth Busting: The Truth Behind Black on Black Crime

The revolution of the mind continues.

In the wake of the decision not to prosecute Wilson, Black people have been bombarded by whites and popular mainstream Black talking heads regarding our supposed “forgetfulness” about what they call “Black on Black” crime.

This concept is a fallacy, a myth and a way to distract the conversation from exposing the supremacy roots that permeate our legal system.

Or do they have a point? Let’s debate it.

Won’t be home? No problem. Text “WYMS” to 67000 and get the listen in number sent to your phone 5 minutes to showtime.

Tuesday. Ten 10pm.
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Independent Artists !!! SUBMIT Your Music to Be Featured On Our Movie Soundtrack


W.Y.M.S. Ent./M.B.S. Films in association with Community Ringz.com and Sandy’s House Entertainment is looking for independent artist to be featured on the soundtrack for a new feature film project.

Project name : “Six MadMen”.

Genre : Suspense Thriller

Synopsis : Six strangers appoint themselves judge jury and executioner against corrupt judicial officials.

Original works of art based on the films central theme is encouraged, but previously released works will be considered as long they are politically correct/incorrect, and socially conscious while speaking to the revolution of the mind. (Hip-Hop and R&B only).

All submissions must be e-mailed to film@whyyoumadson.com.

Please include your track in mp3 format, bio, pic and contact information.

As with everything produced by WYMS, the proceeds of the soundtrack sales will go to charity. This time we are focusing our efforts to fight the police state, directly benefitting victims of police brutality Jasmine Bell and Mishak Hall whose recent encounters with the police were caught on tape, went viral and caused a national outcry.

The Hip Hop Cultural Center Covers WYMS

Recently, WYMS Radio teamed up with The Hip Hop Cultural Center and it’s team to continue to spread the revolution of the mind.

The site also has the latest in news music, entertainment and a look at the best talent in hip-hop today.  As an added bonus, this month, the site features Cha-Boogie, the founder of WYMS as its top story.

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