Anatomy of the Black Conscious THOT

the revolution of the mind continues…

if we are to progress as a people, we gotta get rid of the thots in our midst..

Before the Holiday break, the MadMen exposed the Black conscious f*ckboy. You downloaded the podcast in droves and told us we also needed to expose the flip side.

You ask, we provide. So this week, we tackle the Black conscious thot… you know this chick… always at the meeting, titties out, hitting up your man on the side to meet up and “build”. She has the leader’s dick pic (and your homeboy’s too) in her phone and will destroy all community progress with one instagram post.

These thots are beautiful, flexible and dangerous. You know who they are… time to put a case on ’em.

Tuesday @ 10pm

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Anatomy of the Black Conscious F*ckBoy

The revolution of the mind continues…

if we are to progress as a people we gotta get rid of the f*ckboys posing as leaders in our midst.

these dudes hide in plain sight spouting Black Power rhetoric, but won’t mentor a kid, attend a Community resource meeting or give a dollar. They are the first to call women “hoes” and cry about the ever elusive “Queen”but spend more time in Thot inboxes than they spend time with their kids. they sit and talk shyt on Facebook all day, dreaming of having a Harem but can’t even take responsibility for the woman they do have. They complain about paying child support, but yet will not take responsibility for the family they created. They quick to hit a woman, but won’t do shyt when the gang recruits their son – or when the police run around raping all the women in the community. They allow women to do all the hard work of standing up for the lives of all Black people, but want to take all the credit when the news vans show up…. 

And even worse, they are the loudest negroes in the room talking shyt when a REAL Conscious Man imparts wisdom or takes the lead.

You know who they are… Time to put a case on them. Enough is enough.

Tuesday @ 10pm.

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with liberty and beatdowns for all : The Curious Case of School Discipline and Black Behinds

the revolution of the mind continues….

school discipline has been the hot topic in the community for the past week – ever since we saw the horrifying video of a young Black female child being brutally manhandled by a school officer.

Since then the debate began about whether she deserved it or not, teachers have voiced complaints about bad ass kids in the classroom, videos of other children acting out In class have surfaced to seemingly justify the brutal beating of a black female child by a huge white man.

At the end of the day… These are children. So who is really culpable? The parents, the teacher or the police officer?

Join us. Let’s talk about it. Tuesday @10pm.

Art Credit : “Lil Brown Boy” oil on canvas by DEMAR DOUGLAS (copyright protected)

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Lets Build : A New Black Consciousness panel discussion

The revolution of the mind continues.

This panel series created and moderated bu Que Butter and Mark McPhee serves as a platform for the efficient and consistant communication between active constituents in the Black and Latino communities to exchange ideas, concepts and methods of overcoming the issues plaguing us.

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The BlackMan’s Guide To Understanding The Black Woman – WYMS Throwback Episode

10.20 WYMS from MBS Films on Vimeo.

the revolution of the mind continued..

we MadMen are here to help you find, take back, and keep your righteous mind.

And it begins with how we relate to each other. It has come to our attention that we have been sorely lacking in addressing the solution of every problem we have in regards to unity.. How we love each other.

We begin by taking a look and tearing apart at what we have been taught, or an idea that caused a clamor in the consciousness of men and women. Starting with the ideas from the 80’s book “The Blackman’s Guide to Understanding The Black Woman”.

If you are an insecure Black man still looking for an unrealistic fantasy in controlling women – this show ain’t for you.

Justice or Else … what? After the March

Tonight at 10pm…

the revolution of the mind continues…

The march is over … After paying $80 plus dollars for bus tickets, gas, merchandise & lodging – what did u learn?

Join the MadMen as we dissect Farrakhan’s “or else!” and determine if this was for the good of our people, or if we need to put a case on his ass for making people travel all the way to Washington for a sermon about Jesus.

Won’t be home? No problem. Text “WYMS” to 67000 and get the listen in number sent to your cell phone 5 minutes to showtime.

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