but massa good to us … How Black Americans Support and Finance Modern Slavery

the revolution of the mind continues….

Unbeknownst to many Americans, slavery was never abolished. The 13th amendment to the constitution states it plainly. The methods have changed, but the practice is the same.

Now the slavery is called fancy names like “mass incarceration” and the plantation is now “the prison industrial complex”…

And we Black Americans support it. In thought and with our finances .. Most without even realizing it. Black support for modern slavery of Black Americans is entrenched in our everyday life.

Tune in Tuesday night at 10pm if you are ready to wake up and see the matrix.

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Justice or Else .. What? : The Case For & Against the Million Man March

It has been 20 years since the million man march landed on DC with a call to Black men to be accountable. Now Farrakhan is doing it again, but this time his message is different with a focus on economics.

But do we need another march? What happened in the community after 20 years as a direct result of that march?

And why are we asking a corrupt system for justice instead of taking it?

Or are these marches a powerful much needed reminder to ourselves of the power we have as a group?

The MadMen debate whether or not to get on the bus… Again. Join us.

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Culture Vultures – Are Black Americans Misappropriating African Culture?

the revolution of the mind continues…

“Black America, please stop appropriating African clothing and tribal marks.” writes Zipporah Gene in a scathing editorial which asks…can Black people culturally appropriate one another?

Do African Americans insult the cultures, history and spiritual faiths of African tribes when they wear their marks patterns and religious symbols (and almost always int he wrong way).

The MadMen return tomorrow night with the debate of all debates. Have Black Americans been just as guilty of misappropriation when it comes to African culture or do Black Americans have the right to claim anything from the entire continent because it is the land of our ancestors?

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White Jesus Doesn’t Care About Black People : A Look Into The Charleston Terror Attack

he revolution of the mind continues…

Since 1956, there have been 91 violent attacks on Black churches – innocent Black lives bombed, burned and gunned back into the dust

Thousands of Black people killed while praying / begging for help from a god fashioned in the very likeness of the people who seek the extermination of every Black soul off the face of the earth – simply for being Black

Charleston is not the first act of domestic terrorism levied against America’s Black populace. The MadMen take a look at America’s obsession with terrorizing Black lives, the role religion plays In it and why the powers that be refuse to call it what it is… Terrorism.

Tuesday at 10pm.

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Once You Go Black : The Curious Case of Rachel Dolezal

the revolution of the mind continues…

I don’t even think we have to explain The debate this week. So I’ll sum it up in two words…

Rachel Dolezal.

You already know…

We will also be reading the top book titles Rachel should consider as well as a round of new nominees for the “Go Sit Yo Black A** Down Award” for the week.

Joint he MadMen as we debate the craziest story  in Negro history this century.

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Little Boy Blue : the curious case of Kalief Browder

The revolution of the mind continues.

We only have one question:

Who is responsible for the death of Kalief Browder?

Kalief came back n to the public consciousness this week when the troubled youth committed suicide after battling demons created when he was unlawfully held on Riker’s Island for over THREE years – WITHOUT A TRIAL for a crime he did not commit.

Thrown in prison in the prime of his teenage years, Kalief suffered horrifying abuse from the inmates and guards alike and spent the majority of his time in the infamous prison in solitary confinement.  He was eventually released after his case came into the national spotlight, causing government officials to call for widespread changes to how prisoners are treated.

With donors paying his tuition, Kalief seemed to be on the right track when he was released, but continued to have psychotic episodes.

He succumbed to them and ended his short life.. unable to live with the damage done to him another day.

Who should go down for this?

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